Remembering Robert Fisk : Relentless Truth Seeker in the Middle East

Robert Fisk as an Al Jazeera conference. Wikipedia
After World War I, France and Britain secretly carved up the Middle East, once part of Turkey’s Ottoman Empire. They would later settle boundary disagreements with the 1920 San Remo Agreement, which the US State Dept. once called the San Remo Agreement on Oil. It reaffirmed the 1917 Balfour Declaration favoring the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
The remains of Homs, Syria. Source: The Independent
Douma, Syria
The dead in Sabra refugee camp. Fisk would never be the same after witnessing scenes like. Photo: Robin Moyer
Destruction up close. Photo by Jenniferlisa, Creative Commons License
The cause of the Beirut explosion has yet to be determined. Wikipedia.
Fisk’s lectures always drew large crowds. Creative Commons license.



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Charlotte Dennett

Charlotte Dennett

Author, investigative journalist, and attorney. Her book, Follow the Pipelines, has just been published in paperback.